Why Planning an Elopement Wedding in Paris is the Best Idea?

Whether you plan to elope with just your partner or want close friends and family to attend the big day, the whole event is about celebrating the bond you share with your soulmate. And Paris exists to make you believe that your dream is REAL! 

There is no better way to make vows of commitment than in the most romantic location of the world. The breathtaking scenes in Paris make you want to not only elope but also capture the serenity of the places for a lifetime. The city of love has literally no comparison when it comes to discovering picturesque locations and enchanting spots. 

Paris is the symbol of love, with the utmost charming cobblestone streets, romantic scenery, and elegant architecture. The city can offer you a dreamy experience that is surely different from tying a knot on a beach or a hill station.

Still unsure why planning an elopement wedding in Paris is the best idea? Keep scrolling down to learn reasons you might not have thought about before. 

Why Planning and Eloping Weddings in Paris?

Eloping to the City of Love Means Getting Married in the Most Photogenic Location

Paris is known for its attractive and rich cultural scenes that invite couples from all over the world. The world’s most photogenic city has stunning natural landscapes and amazing scenery to make your wedding day a memory that you can cherish forever. All you need is a good elopement photographer to seize the beauty of the city in your Instagram-worthy wedding pictures.   

Eloping to Paris is Less Stressful

So you can’t see yourself getting married in a grand wedding reception with all bells and whistles?

It is okay if you don’t like spending a fortune on wedding-day celebrations. In that case, eloping to the city of love is probably the best idea for you. We say this because planning an intimate elopement wedding in the French capital involves less planning stress.

From booking a venue and planning a wedding to coordinating with the French Civil authority, everything requires just a couple of hours. Plus, the city has so many incredible natural locations that you won’t need to book an expensive venue for a big wedding.  

Elopement Wedding in Paris Is More Intimate

If you would prefer that your wedding be a private affair or feel nervous about saying your wedding vows in front of the crowd, eloping to Paris is a great idea.

The city is known for sparking unbelievable chemistry between partners, and as two souls deeply in love with each other, what else do you need? Don’t forget to hire an experienced and competent elopement photographer to take magical pictures of your life’s most romantic experience.

You Love Traveling

Traveling with your significant other in France’s most beautiful city is no less than a dream come true. If you love traveling together, your elopement nuptials make an ideal occasion to celebrate love and discover France. In fact, it can combine your marriage and honeymoon. You can visit other places after eloping to Paris.

Paris Sparks Romance  

When you’re taking wedding pictures, you want them to look romantic, and nothing screams burning passion like the picturesque scenes of Paris. 

Traveling to Paris to get married is probably the best trip you will have with your one and only.

Best Paris Elopement Wedding Locations

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower has to be the first setting for your Paris elopement wedding and all the right reasons. It is undeniably one of the most iconic destinations you can choose for your elopement wedding. If you don’t want a huge crowd in your wedding photos, the best way to avoid tourists is to plan a dawn elopement ceremony with your photographer.

Sure, you’ll need to wake up extra early in the morning to make sure the location is less crowded, but it’s totally worth it. The lighting at this time will allow great pictures, and you can avoid the afternoon heat as well. 

Romantic Streets 

Paris is full of stunning and aesthetically pleasing hidden streets. If you want to take pictures in these lesser-known spots, ask your Paris-based elopement photographer. They can help you pick the best ceremony location. 

The photographers are familiar with many secluded and beautiful locations. You may also opt for a terrace or rooftop to get more exotic views in the background. 

Elopement Photographers in Paris to Shoot In Scenic Locations

Another reason to plan an elopement wedding in Paris is worth it is that the city has many qualified and creative wedding photographers. You may hire a specialized elopement photographer to pick the most epic locations for your wedding pictures. These dedicated elopement photographer are maestros when it comes to taking professional elopement photos and finding those one of a kind locations that will make your images ooze romance.

Summing Up

All in all, an elopement wedding in Paris is a fantastic idea to make your big day extraordinary. It’s a romantic city with plenty of gorgeous locations and natural landscapes to take memorable elopement wedding pictures.

Photographer elopement : Brittany West

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