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l’m Carole Bipat, a french wedding planner based in Barcelona, Spain.

Our main offices are based  in Barcelona.  It’s only 1h30 by aircraft and I’m  used to travel back and forth for business and family  topics between these 2 cities that I’m sentimentally attached. Paris is the city where I was born and raised (and Paris will be always Paris for me) and Barcelona is the city where I founded my own happy family.

“Stay Humble. Work hard. Be kind.”

This is the philosophy of work l want to provide to each of my couples.
Welcome to my world of fresh peonies, memorable emotions, and meaningful looks.

With more than 10 years of experience in destination weddings,
I do understand what are your concrete needs and do the
impossible to make this magic happens.

Just Relax and Enjoy!

Carole Bipat, Co-founder

Behind the scenes...

My favourite sports are Badminton and Volley-Ball that l used to play in competition.

Due to a lesion, l’m going addicted to a new sport : Hip Hop/ Commercial Dance.

I love chocolate under all it shapes. Actually l’m a «sweet» person and l would prefer to begin with the dessert instead of the starter.

My favourite fruit that l can’t stop eating when the season comes is the litchi.

My weaknesses are Tea and Mojitos. I drink tea all the day ! My favourite one is a mix of pieces of apples, hibiscus, strawberries and oranges. Very refreshing.

And what can l tell about Mojitos? They are essential for a perfect party with friends.

l love my job and work a LOT!, even if it’s late evening/night, I may respond to you inquiry.

Ask my vendors. They will confirm :-). l love planning and organizing around.

And the best way for me to disconnect is travelling (my last trip was to Guatemala and Belize which open your mind, culture and your tolerance.

french wedding planner

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We want to help you during all the process and make this experience 100% enjoyable and stress-free.

We have crafted with dedication and great care some bespoke packages for your unique and dream elopement. Hopefully you will like them 🙂

Our main offices are based  in Barcelona (Spain). It’s only 1h30 by aircraft and Carole  is used to make the back and forth between theses 2 cities she is sentimentally attached.

We’d love to hear from you and your future wedding. Reach us for a customized quote! We would be pleased to talk by email, phone or whatsapp.

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