We will take care of you

Hair and make up. The big  day has arrived and you couldn’t stop the increasing excitement you are feeling.

The stylist is here (it will be the first vendor of the day you will meet) to help you to make you even prettier but also to make this moment a moment of pure relax and enjoyment for you.

So our advice will be the following : let’s enjoy her treament and care because after the whole day will fly so quick.

The hair and make up artist will come directly to your place, no need then to rush or to move to another place. Just relax at your hotel room and let us taking care of you.

The transportation of the stylist to your hotel (in Paris) is included.

Before the wedding day, we will ask you about some pictures of the make up and hair style you would like to have for your wedding.

This way the stylist will perfectly know in advance how to work, how long it will take and the product she should bring.

Everything will be perfectly set and planned in order to ensure a great result on your wedding day.


hair and make up
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